Study history, make changes

History is not just about the narrative and sequence of an event in the past. From history, we can do a structural review and analysis, social religion, also traces of culture. From these analyzes, the present generation can draw relevance to the present and use it as a reflection for making changes and the future they aspire to.

That was the discussion section of the Social Action School participants batch I which was held at Griya Jati Dimyati (GJD) at Suruh, Salatiga, Sunday 16 February 2020. In the Historical Review session, participants are invited to discuss several historical topics, among others, world history and its influence on movements in Indonesia, historical moments of movement in Indonesia, movement figures in Indonesia, Indonesian history and diversity, the role of youth in the movement in Indonesia. Apart from writing papers and sharing ideas in small groups, participants also made presentations and argued in large groups.

School of Social Action (SAS) is a cadre course activity organized by the Labda Radmila Agrapana Foundation (YLRA). The purpose of holding a Social Action School (SAS) is to provide space for the growth of young people who have new understanding and awareness of social reality, equip with basic skills in capturing social reality, have the ability to plan and take actions for social change and maintain diversity.

Social Action School Activities (SAS) This itself is designed for youth from across religions, across organizations and movements. As for the participants for Force I this number 18 person, consists of 10 women and 8 laki-laki. Most of them are students from various student and youth organizations in Salatiga. For this first class, the activity was guided by a facilitator from the Labda Radmila Agrapana Foundation team (YLRA) as well as facilitators from social movement activists in Salatiga.

Apart from Historical Review, Social Action School Activities (SAS) For batch I, this will consist of a series of regular meetings on various topics and themes, including a Structural Review, Social Analysis, Self Analysis, Organizing and Campaigning. With a variety of topics, later the facilitators will also come from various backgrounds and professions according to their expertise and experts in their respective fields.

other than that, This activity will also equip participants with special sessions in the form of Practical Competencies, namely class sessions or meetings with a variety of practical skills according to the interests and talents of the participants. Through these general and special sessions, It is hoped that participants will have social awareness and independence so that they are able to make social changes in their environment according to their respective competencies and expertise.

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