One First Step To Be More Productive

Sumba Technology Community

To take a stand in the process of creating more effective works, right on target, and self-actualization of the development of knowledge and technology, a community is formed that is devoted to developing ideas about technology and its relationships for the realization of answers to technological needs in Sumba..

Starting a culture of being happy to create and independent in the midst of rampant consumptive behavior is something that is awaited by many young people who have creative natures. , proactive and productive. Breakthroughs in technology and knowledge have been recognized as providing solutions to many needs in society. Sumba which has agricultural potential, the farm, fishery, and tourism certainly needs improvement in all things to be able to contribute more at the national and international levels.

In developing technology that is suitable for cultural characters & potential in Sumba and all its problems, The Sumba Technology Community started off by moving to have a discussion, mapping, approach, search, the formulation of some of the things that have been selected to be the focus of this community work.

Apart from being a form of social entrepreneurship option, in the process of creating and using technology as an answer to needs and problems in Sumba, The Sumba Technology Community is also preparing Knowledge Transfer or transferring knowledge to young people who will act as successors in the future.

Activities :

  • Collaborative efforts to make electrical or electronics majors at the Vocational High School level in Sumba
  • Agricultural Technology Development
  • Development of Marine and Fisheries Technology
  • Renewable Energy Technology Development
  • Information and Communication Technology Development

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