It is good to uphold influential people, like a religious figure, scientist, or political figures, but would he be naive if he could not respect his ancestors. No matter how dark the past, family and ancestors will never be able to untangle blood ties. We can have different beliefs, different political views with relatives but once again still unable to break the ties of blood family.

Somehow humans do not hesitate to commit acts of violence and easily spit out hatred. Have you ever thought that the person you hate might still be a relative? If you can't live well with others, then with whom will you live? If everyone who has different views from others can be eliminated instantly as easily as Thanos snapping his fingers, then it could be that all of humanity will become extinct. Extinction can occur when one another hates each other, and that hatred is passed on as easily as spreading fake news on social media under any pretext, whether it's in the name of religion, group or whatever.

There is no other choice to accept differences, appreciate people's choices, live in peace with others. More than that, to build friendship and improve kinship we are faced with a situation where we ourselves do not know who our brothers are when civilization is increasingly globalizing.. The brothers now no longer live in the same village as their ancestors, some may have wandered somewhere. For that it is necessary from each of us to understand the family tree. I used to record family trees with books, and it's quite a hassle. Currently, many software and applications have been developed to create family trees both on line and off line, from paid to free.

Now for free applications I use the Android-based Quick Family Tree, this application can be downloaded at Google Playstore. I've tried various similar applications, but then I uninstalled other applications and continued to use this application with consideration of ease of use, attractive appearance, data is processed offline which is equipped with export and import functions. In addition, we can also share screenshots of family tree with interesting photos and names. I prefer off line data processing to minimize leakage of personal data.

The drawback of this application is that there is no data merging function. Users are required to merge family data manually. Then I had difficulty importing data, because there is no special button for it. The user performs the import function through the back door, namely the share function of other applications such as File Manager. So far the developer has only made Android-based applications, so data processing can not be done on a computer based on Windows. Not a fatal flaw, the language options in this application are only available in Japanese and English, free application notice. Users who are accustomed to using English will have no difficulty using this application, but for those who are unusual, don't be discouraged because I have prepared a tutorial in Indonesian which can be downloaded directly using Click here.

I made a simple tutorial that does not mean anything other than as a voluntary effort to share experiences. I really believe this kind of application will be of great use, not only because of its technicality and function but as a manifestation of awareness to share and network for a better life. Hope it is useful.

Written by Slamet Haryono (Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Labda Foundation Radmila Agrapana).

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