LRA Study Room for the Environment Series: Climate Change and Natural Lifestyle

Ferlansius Pangalila
(Labda Radmila Agrapana Foundation)

Finally, the problem of the Environment is a matter of life or death not only humans but all life in this universe. It is not an exaggeration to pay a little attention to what is really going on around us. Nature and our society are temporarily facing very serious problems.

If on this occasion I conveyed the anxiety of most environmentalists with the data and information of their various studies on air and water quality, about the extinction of some flora and fauna, occurrence of climate change and extreme weather, Forest fires, floods and various environmental problems that seem unfinished and continue to occur today. But it is unfortunate that the data and information as much and as extreme as it is only makes some of us gawk while a small number of others realize that we are more managing this nature with a little responsibility..

Most of us do not realize and just gawk because environmental problems do not seem to be a matter of our life or death, it is just an economic and political issue that seems unrelated to our established life. Our technology and economic capabilities are enough to help us stay away from environmental issues. Or at least the real impact we experience is limited to news through information technology about glaciers, flood, sea ​​water rises to land carrying tons of plastic waste. We are ignorant of news like that if we are not just concerned.

Have some of us been moved when drinking mineral water from plastic bottles while there are not a few poor people out there who don't have access to clean water? Or we are temporarily having a dialogue and even arguing about the environment in a cool, air-conditioned room, while there are our brothers and sisters in the middle of the forest, starvation is being chased by the owner of the exploitation rights to change the function of the forest into monoculture plantations? Or even we enjoy the privatized and paid natural tourist attractions, whereas previously these places were naturally accessible to anyone without the need for conversion and removal of flora and fauna.? It looks like privatization, economic-centric and even anthropocentric in various aspects of life are beginning to reap disasters for humans themselves.

This sounds a bit cynical, but it is necessary to invite us not only to look at the various root problems in climate change and the relationship with our character as managers and custodians of this universe.. More than that, we need a new habitus and a perspective on the earth as a common home. Although this kind of dialogue and forum is a paradox, it is expected to be a concrete first step together with full inspiration and new awareness.

Thank you all for your participation in the webinar “Climate Change and Natural Lifestyle”, held on Saturday, 6 March 2021.

We also express our deepest appreciation for the speakers, Chairman of the LRA Foundation, and Moderators who have supported this event so that it is well organized.

Hopefully this webinar will be useful and will have a positive impact on our understanding of climate change and how we react to it by adopting our lifestyle in harmony with nature..

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry

See you in the next #RuangBelajarLRA series!

Participant certificates can be downloaded here.

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